DC Universe Online Cash DC Universe Online will arrive on Nintendo Switch on August 6 through the eShop as a free game with micropayments. The title will not have cross play or a system to import the progress that has been made on other platforms but Daybreak Game Company said in its original announcement that it is not something that is ruled out for the future and in fact they have now talked about New on this issue. While there are no concrete plans it is clear that the company thinks about it and sees it with good eyes.

"It would be great to keep all player communities on equal terms. Everyone shares the same playing territory," said DC Universe Online executive producer Leah Bowsers. "By launching the game on a new platform we wanted to ensure that we gave the community time to settle. Work with Nintendo and make sure that the process we carried out to update the game works and there are no problems."

Leah Bowsers who exercises the executivebuy DC Universe Online Cash production of the title has explained that they do not rule out incorporating cross play but the truth is that the study is still not fully committed.

That is the reason why they did not want to "confront the option of the cross game from the start"; "We wanted to ensure that the gaming experience was perfect although it is something I do not rule out and what we are very interested in," concludes the DC Universe Online producer. The video game is scheduled to premiere on Nintendo Switch on August 6.

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