Wizards are very useful on the middle route of the map, the so-called "middle lane" or only "mid". They have a good ability to single-handedly own a route and, on the other hand, do not have enough skills to destroy the opposing towers, the main objective of Arena of Valor. Among the most famous magicians are Gildur, Flash (DC Comics), Raz, Mganga and Ignis.

Wizards are characters with better attack status than defense. It is important to be aware of the damage they are getting, because in a head-to-head they can be defeated easily. However, they are very important for a team, as they have very specific works that can only be performed by heroes of this class. Wizards attack from a distance, can slow down the opposing team, and can still protect their teams against physical attacks.

Despite Zane’s popularity in the scene, this is all just Arena of Valor Account speculation without any real evidence. Arena of Valor was designed to be a reskinned version of Kings of Glory to appear to audiences outside of China, so to suddenly undermine years of work and just release a translated version of the original game seems like a strange move. Stranger things have happened, but June/July isn’t too far away. We’ll see what happens.

When asked about the potential release during the stream, Zane responded “I’ve heard it’s going to be coming out in the second half of this year. They said the documentary will come out in June or July." Later in the stream, he goes on to speculate that Tencent will “franchise" Kings of Glory and actively advertise it. These days, many people see the lack of Arena of Valor‘s marketing as the main reason it has struggled to reach mainstream appeal in the west.