Smite, Hi-Rezís game of clashing deities, is now well over a year old, boasts over 10 million accounts, and just launched on Steam. But which are the best Smite gods? Much has changed since we first put together our Smite beginnerís guide, so we thought it high time to knock back a few pints of Ambrosia and freshen it up for you.This is a MOBA thatís a wee bit different from most, and not just because you fight as a god. Itís different because it plays like an action game: youíre down there in the trenches fighting tooth and nail rather than directing the battle from above. Think of it as a third-person League of Legends.

Vulcan is the Smith of the Gods and is the first to kick us off. In the mid lane, Vulcan can deal some serious damage to anyone passing through. When he has to leave the lane or suspects a gank, a nearby turret he can place will fire on any incoming enemies. He can use his backfire to move away from other Gods while damaging them or get closer to them to launch some attacks. He can damage and knock them up with his "meatball," Magma Bomb, and when it's time to send the Gods to their graves, he can send a massive rocket through the sky, landing on a cluster of other Gods. When a Vulcan is in the mid lane, prepare your defenses. Homie doesn't play. If you are in lack of Smite Gems, visit our, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

As far as Hunters go, there are few that are as simple to understand as Cupid (perhaps Artemis is the simplest). However, why I placed Cupid above Artemis is the fact he has a reliable escape (Flutter) as well as personal sustain (Share the Love). It might not sound much, but having these two things ensures any beginner can comfortably keep themselves alive without little thought. While you still have to position yourself as Cupid, he's a little more forgiving than some of the others. In addition, his Ultimate ability offers a generous sized telegraph that's difficult to miss with.

Hera is another immobile god with high damage. She suffers from the same problem that Ah Puch and Zeus doóshe needs to survive early game. Get her past that and sheíll start dishing out damage consistently. Then you add Argus into the mix and how obnoxious he is, and she can really pack a punch.