Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

Sierra Leone is a small country in the West African region, with Leone as its main currency. Leone itself is an arrangement of subunits called Sen, amounting to 100. In short, it can be said that 1 Leone is equivalent to 100 cents, or 1 cent worth one hundred Leone.
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Leone's currency was first introduced after Sierra Leone became independent from the British colony. Also, Leone was then printed to replace the Pound, a currency used as a transaction tool during the colonial period, which lasted for more than a decade.
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Sierra Leone currency
As a result of the war, Sierra Leone experienced hyperinflation, causing economic conditions to collapse. No doubt, Leone also traded very low against the US Dollar in January 2017, which is 1 US Dollar worth 5,465 Leone. This figure then led Sierra Leone as the country with the worst currency in the African region. This condition persisted in 2019, with the USD / SLL exchange rate reaching 9,010.