One of the most important sources of information that you can judge based on your business is to register a daily business book. In the deal, you must continue to follow your thoughts and actions, so you can improve your trading strategy.

Some examples of the most popular headlines related to a business note are:
1. History
2. time
3.Price at the moment of arrival
4. Trades that have been opened
5. Limit of initial or final loss (stop)
6. The reason for entering the transaction
7. The initial or final profit margin level (if any)
8. The price at the moment of departure
9. Departure from the transaction
10. The result of transactions
Once you've registered at least 10 business events, you can go back and compare your thoughts on how the market responded when you entered a transaction. Some questions you should ask yourself are as follows:
1. How did the game move after my arrival in the position?
2. If the deal was profitable, how far has the market been opposed to me?
3. If the transaction was closed at a loss, how profitable was it before reversing?
4. Where was my Las Vegas starter at the end?توصيات forex
5. Where was the trend over when I started the transaction on a daily basis?
6. If the deal was profitable, to what extent did I use this profitable move?
7. How close to the ideal entry point for moving the market and how can I get it up?
8. Was there a news or other factor about the market move after I got to the market?
9. Can I manage to better manage my health?خبراء توصيات الفوركس
10. Is my dealings good or need to be adjusted? Of course, these were just a few examples. When it comes time, you may need to register more information or ask yourself more difficult questions. But reviewing your actions is the best way to see if there is a need to change or enhance your trading strategy or performance. Surely, your account balance tells you every month whether the action you take is reasonable, but the key to a successful business is to succeed and having a notebook of your actions and thoughts is also the best way to accurately analyze your trading decisions in Forex.