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Discovery of Ether

In Novus Era 36, the renowned Bellato explorers Jack Robell and Stephen Lure undertook an expedition to uncover the secrets of the northern regions of the Asurian continent. Perpetually obscured by snowstorms which rendered imaging unreliable at best, and covered by strong, anomalous magnetic fields that barred satellite or space-based scanning, the northwest area of the Asu continent had stymied explorers and cartographers for many years. Taking various land-based transportation tailored for arctic environments and built to operate even despite the worst mag-field fluxes, the expedition was launched with the ready optimism that many years of exploration had given the pair. It was three months later before the two Bellato returned, their equipment battered and damaged by the hostile conditions they were subjected to. What they discovered amazed all who saw their data.

The two explorers had discovered an entire region floating high in the air, easily in the lower Stratospheric region of Novus (10k above ground level). Although they were unable to personally explore the floating sub-continent, they managed to capture a few images of the location which showed dozen of large, floating rocks around the primary mass. The most curious item however, were pictures depicting what appeared to be the figures of artificially created structures. Also, they reported energy signals and sensor profiles, which were consistent with that in active machinery or robotics. Most mysterious were their sightings of pale, fey-like women of great height and stature, who had faded into the arctic wastelands whenever the explorers attempted to approach them.

Exploration of Ether

Interested in uncovering the region's secrets, various independent groups pursued different expeditions into the north. Few were able to get far into the hostile terrain, the harsh blizzards and magnetic flux storms causing the less prepared to be turned back. The mystery of the floating land mass persisted, and was shortly dubbed 'Ether' by the various Bellato exploration teams. The flurry of activity in the aftermath of Jack Robell and Stephen Lure's expedition caught the attention of local Corite trackers and scouting teams.

Eventually, Corite intelligence sources discovered the reason for the recent Bellato surge in activity, and sent their own people to attempt to uncover the secrets of the north. There were various groups who believed that this might well be the existence of the land of Tirthas, where Veda was first taught by DECEM. These ideas trickled down to many other local groups of Cora and even unto the homeworld. Although they did not do so in such a haphazard manner as the Bellato explorers succeeding Robell and Lure did, there was nonetheless an increase in interest in the north and in the respective groups attempting to pierce the area's hostile environments.

The Accretians appeared to have known of Ether by this time as well, but what history shows is their distinct lack of action during this part of the exploration fever.

Cartella Acts

Early in NE37, the Cartella Mercantile Union began to fund expeditions to the Ether region. Airborne expeditions with smaller atmospheric craft proved unsuccessful for the most part, forced back by the very same conditions that turned away ground crews and space-based drops into the area. Without better information on the place, Cartella was unwilling to deploy any of their larger vessels. Continued expeditions would have to be made to secure better information about the area. Over time, scientific and exploratory teams managed to piece together somewhat safer paths through the Ether storms, the nickname for the combination of blizzards and electromagnetic field flux storms. With these so-called safe paths mapped out, an expedition funded by Cartella to finally reach the Ether landmass became viable.

It was in the middle of NE37, together with Robell and Lure, that a mixed team of Bellato and Cora arrived on Ether. Both groups immediately set about to locating their own bases of operations, creating what was to be the racial wharfs, although these would not be fully completed for some time, due to the difficulty in shuttling supplies to Ether. They did however, discover the presence of the unusual structures that were sighted. Tentative exploration of these structures began, together with an increased effort by the Bellato to take Ether, as the Corite interest dropped upon the lack of evidence of Ether being the land of Tirthas. The construction of large repair facilities for the ships that had to break through the difficult Ether storms were set up by the Bellato, under the assistance of Cartella.

The War Begins

The exploration teams neglected to pursue efforts into locating the energy signs and the 'mystery women' that Robell and Lure had originally mentioned. For a while, the two explorers attempted to pursue leads on those two other enigmas, but to no avail. They shortly departed due to other lands attracting their attention, leaving what little information they had on the scant sightings of the mechanoid forms and the arctic-dwelling women. There were few who showed interest in this, most resources being devoted to the development of the area as a possible resource zone and outpost. It was towards the end of NE37, that the enigmatic women and the autonomous robots that had been detected before appeared.

With sudden speed, nearly all contact with the teams on Ether had been severed. Only the primary wharfs and landing site remained, and these were assaulted. It was only at the wharves where they could appreciate the martial skill of these new beings as well as the firepower of their robotic servitors. The women were soon to be identified as 'Calianas', and plans quickly began to be made for a return to Ether. However, the scale of the threat between them and most native Novus tribes were quite different.

In NE38, the Cartella teams expected to fight back fierce warrior tribes backed by scattered groups of robot servitors. What they encountered was something different altogether. They uncovered an army led by a singular leader of great power, dubbed the Queen, and with multiple daughters who served as commanders called 'Princesses.' Full complements of arctic fighters equipped with highly effective, if exotic, weapons and ranks upon ranks of robotic servitors quickly sent the security troops of Cartella reeling. The Cartella Union attempted to try diplomacy with the Calianas, who proved to be sentient. All such efforts however ended in failure, for the Calianas were fixed on enacting vengeance on intruders.

The Accretian Empire Moves

With the Cartellan security forces reeling, it began to approach the authorities of both Bellato and Cora for assistance in deploying their troops in the war. While both races agreed to provide some degree of assistance regarding the Calianas, for the most part the troops stationed in Ether only conducted missions to secure the immediate area around their wharf zones. When pressured by Cartella to commit these troops to ridding the sub-continental region of the arctic marauders, both declined for their own reasons. The Bellato Monarchy allowed free reign for its people whether to provide help or not, as they saw fit, which meant to say that cooperation from the various military and mercenary Bellato units was founded on issues of individual relationships with Cartella, rather than the authority of their leadership. The Holy Alliance of Cora on the other hand limited itself to explorative missionary endeavors, escorted by units of the Holy Alliance's troops, but as it was determined that this was neither the sacred land of Tirthas nor a vital resource zone, they declined to offer any more help.

For most of the year of NE39, the Cartellans were hopelessly outmatched as the few military units from either the Holy Alliance or the Monarchy who acceeded to helping them were nowhere near enough to overcome the organization, numbers and lethality of their opponents. A great number of Bellato mercenary units took the lucrative contracts with Cartella, but the mega-corporation knew that without a large military force to conduct xenocide or pacification operations, dominance over the economic potential of Ether was but a fleeting dream.

True aid would come in the form of the Accretian Empire, who was the last of the three races to be approached. The Accretians drove a hard bargain with the Cartellans, demanding that certain Accretian units be included within the Cartellan corporate structure as well as negotiating a contract advantageous to the Accretian Empire. Eventually the Cartellans, pressured by both the inscrutably efficient logic of the Imperial negotiators and the Caliana problem, gave in. The Empire's response and mobilization was immediate and overwhelming.

Operation: Lawine

Within a single week of closing their deal, the Empire mobilized and deployed no less than four Imperial Legions to the Ether sub-continental region in an assault on the floating territory. The 3rd Imperial Battlegroup was in charge of getting the legions in, and in a daring operation managed to hot-drop the bulk of the four Legions and colony builders within a three days of their arrival. The operation required manually piloting their cruisers through the volatile and destructive fields around Ether, and the 3rd Battlegroup lost two cruisers to the task. Indeed, the shell of one can still be seen today.

The Accretian forces of the 9th, 14th, 18th and 23rd Imperial Legions were those deployed to Novus, forming the first Prima Legio command operation on the planet Novus. The Prima Legio was slated under the command of Thor, then-Legate of the 14th Legion. Operating as Dux of the Ether Prima Legio, Thor conducted immediate assaults against known Caliana holdings on the Emperor's orders to 'secure and pacify the Ether sub-continental region'. Eventually the Calianas were pushed back into the deeper regions of Ether, broken in the Battle of White Hall where many of their 'Princesses' perished, thus shaking their ability to wage war properly against the Accretians. The Calianas were split into two forces, one with a stronghold in what is now called Jack's Lot and the other in Lure's Lot.

Thor elected to pursue the assault against the Caliana's best warrior-princess, Audion Caliana, believing that she was the true leader of the Caliana tribes. Thor tasked the Legate of the 9th Legion, Advent, to finish hunting down the other half of the Caliana army. Using finesse and deft handling of his troops, Advent outmaneuvered the Calianas until they were trapped within their stronghold in Lure's Lot where their surrender was achieved by a battle-by-proxy or a battle of champions. The 9th Legion sent out their finest warrior to combat the Queen herself, who elected to champion her tribes. The duel by the two resulted in the defeat of the Queen after nearly a day of pitched combat, defeat achieved only due to her exhaustion. Meanwhile, Thor's forces consisting of the rest of the Prima Legio, pursued Audion Caliana into Jack's Lot. A pitched battle ensued between both forces, as Thor assaulted the Jack's Lot fortifications. Eventually, the fortifications were broken through and the Caliana army was slaughtered, except for Audion Caliana herself and her elite guards, who escaped Thor's assault.

Aftermath of the War

With the successful elimination of the Calianas from Ether or their withdrawal, in the case of the Queen's Army, the Accretians were given occupation status for most of the sub-continental region and Thor was declared as Imperial Administrator for the region, on behalf of the Emperor. Thor set up his operation HQ in the former stronghold of Audion Caliana and secured the Ether Platform for Imperial use. Imperial dominion of Ether would continue until the beginning of the 1st Novus War, where all the Legions stationed on Ether were pulled out except for the Legion created for the province of Ether.

In NE62, Thor declared himself as being independent of the Empire and joined forces with the Clockwork Brigade, knowing that the Empire would be entirely unable to conduct a suppression of his rebellion. Sealing himself and his command into the 'Cartellan' Biolab, Thor cut all contact with the outside world. It was at this time that the Calianas on Ether would slowly begin to re-emerge and assert their presence once more on the floating sub-continent.

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