View Full Version : Moments mode is one of the brand new additions in MLB The Show 19

26-04-2019, 03:32 PM
Moments mode is one of the brand new additions in MLB The Show 19 that allows you to replay classic moments in baseball history across multiple categories. Within each of these categories, you can earn Stubs for completing each individual moment, as well as a larger chunk of Stubs for completing the entire category or even sub-category for some. Itís also the best way to take in seasons that stretch 162 games, filter out the national pastime mundane tasks, and focus on the good stuff. My personal favorite last year was the gold jersey trick. You could use the exchange to give up four gold jerseys for three. This would seem bad except for the fact that all jerseys have an equal drop rate, but not all were worth the same on the market. In the case of players, I like to first filter by team just to narrow down the number of cards present.

The developers teased Diamond Dynasty as a paradigm shift before its stream and, well, that does appear to be the case. The entire system looks to have gotten quite the makeover both fundamentally and aesthetically. The most noticeable new mode is known as Moments. This invites the player to relive some of baseballís greatest, well, moments. I was pleasantly surprised to see video packages at work, bringing a gravity to Babe Ruth story.

You can do this by going to Collections in Diamond Dynasty and then selecting the collection that you want to complete. For quick and easy Stubs, I would recommend doing the Starter Collections. Most of them are very easy and you probably have most of the items needed to complete them. The game will continue to add more new Moments under the Topps Now 2019 as well, so this is one to consistently keep an eye on for new opportunities to earn Stubs.

Then, as users converse with teammates with dialogue that aligns to the four types, they will progress down a branch of the perk tree. After enough conversations, perks like a more favorable strike zone, or teammates committing fewer errors, become available. Some jerseys were worth less than a hundred stubs, and others would sell for almost 1000. So I would buy the cheapest jerseys I could find on the market, and then re-roll via the exchange over and over again until I had enough higher price jerseys to keep the market busy for a while. Then look at the Stub amounts in the Sell column on the right side.

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